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Cecile Aschwanden

I’ve been breeding cashmere goats since 2007 and in 2017 I started breeding Merino sheep. Goats and sheep, their behavior, individually, how they live together, how flocks are structured, fascinates me. The group of rams, grazing on the Mont Soleil in the Swiss Jura, behave very differently to how I was told rams would behave.

I could not breed the Merinos on my own. I’m not a farmer and I do not own a farm. But I have found great partners. First, Alexander from Spycher Handwerk. He is a farmer and does all the caretaking of the ewes and the rams we use for breeding, while I look for cool places to stay for the boy group.

Lesley Prior, owner of Tellenby is our advisor.  My cashmere goats are descendant from her flock. Our Merinos originate from the Tellenby farm. Lesley helps us select and pair the right Merino ewes and rams. Lesley is very engaged in The Campain for Wool.

I’m very grateful to have such knowlegable and supportive partners in this journey of bringing Superfine Merino to the Swiss Market.

Alexander Grädel

Spycher Handwerk was started by my father Hans-Ueli. He started the business by selling spinning wheels and wool at markets and he imported Jakob sheep and Gotland sheep for the first time into Switzerland.

My brothers, my sister have and myself have now taken over the much grown Spycher Handwerk. We now run a wool collecting and carding business, a large shop, which is also offering spinning courses, a farm with camels, wool pigs, donkeys, Alpacas, cashmere and mohair goats and a variety of different sheep breeds.

I manage the organic farm and the animals under the label of Bio-Suisse. I’m a dedicated father of four children and I certainly have the knack of handling the sheep and all the other farm animals.

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