Dschingis – the cool Swiss Cashmere beanie for babies (S) and small children (M).

Knit it by yourself or give the cashmere as a present.

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Dschingis – the cool Swiss Cashmere beanie for cold days – Small and Medium

You knit it and give the most precious Dschingis beanie to your most beloved child – or you knit the beanies in series for all your favourite children.

Knit the Swiss Cashmere and experience a few hours of distraction and relaxation – resulting in a useful gift.

Or give it away and let your friends enjoy the knitting experience of this very soft and warm yarn.

The Swiss Cashmere was combed by hand from cashmere goats bred in Switzerland, washed and spun by small enterprises in Switzerland.

The Dschingis-package includes both knitting instructions (S / M) by Donatella Maranta and 50 gr. of the finest Swiss Cashmere wool.

Knit champions will work 3 hrs to complete the beanie – casual knitters may work 5 – 6 hours. Medium degree of difficulty.

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